About me

About Me

My fascination with trees and wood dates back to my childhood. I was brought up in the countryside and spent days roaming, collecting twigs, leaves and fallen branches for my very important collection. My career was in marketing communication, specialising in helping companies build strong and lasting relationships with their key clients. For many years I earned a living with my brain and my mouth. Then came a time when I craved the creation of something tangible – something that depended on my eyes and hands.

I started creating on the lathe, as many people do, and still love to create a wide variety of bowls and pots.  Bowls have been made for thousands of years; and though I’ve been working with wood for a few years myself, a new wood, or combination of woods and a beautiful curve still excite.

My work has been influenced by other designers and makers working in wood, as well as ceramicists, sculptors, painters and architects. A friend once said that they see a lot of the early modernists, such as Piet Mondrian and Le Corbusier, in my work. I am very humbled by that thought; the ‘Homage to Piet’ box that introduces this page is one of my personal favourites and was very important to me.

The bridge from woodturning to box making was, like much of my development, client-led. A friend asked me to make a set of ten napkin rings using different woods from around the world - a lovely commission. Then another client asked if they could have their napkin ring set in a ‘proper’ wooden box. I accepted the challenge and a whole new world opened up. I have been slightly obsessed by making boxes ever since.

Many pieces of my work have been created in response to meeting a specific wood for the first time. One of my absolute favourites is Bog Oak. To be working with wood from a tree that flourished 5,300 years ago is an incredible privilege. It features more frequently in my work than any other wood (albeit, usually in a supporting role) which befits its rarity – and cost!

Most recently a gift of a large plank of old-growth Brazilian Mahogany inspired me to make a console table. Having tip-toed into furniture making I am relishing the challenges ahead in exploring this latest new world. 

About Me